Are you serious about your hair and want to be a new client and have GORGEOUS hair? Well you're in luck because new clients are welcomed!


First things first, all new clients interested in color are required to set up an in person consultation separately before booking their color service. Please refrain from booking a future color service if we have not yet had a consultation. The services offered here are not your typical salon dye jobs and are only focused on lightening hair in a "beachy" style of color so it take a little more planning since every ones hair history is different and have different needs to achieve their desired color.


Please email to set up your complimentary color consultation today!


The beach blonde/bronde color services offered here are not compatible with hair that have these dyes: black/dark brown dyes, reds  (copper, auburn, maroon), box colors, or vivid/rainbow dyes.

Nor will it be compatible with having or being any of these: henna, relaxer, perm,

hair extensions, extremely curly in texture,

very short hair, or overprocessed.

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