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Thank you so much for your interest in my hair lightening services!


Are you serious about lightening your hair color and want a modern approach to take it to the next level?


Beautiful hair color begins with a thorough color consultation and analysis. For new clients interested in the hair color I do, an in-person complimentary color consultation is required before booking any color services. In-person consultations are quick (10-15 min), easy, and allows me to analyze your hair to determine what services you will need and how much time it may take to process.


The color services I provide are taken in an innovative direction outside of salon norms with the sole focus on lightening hair in my signature style on both dark and light hair. I specialize in modern foil highlighting and color melting techniques that I have spent years developing to create dimensional and gradient blondes and brondes that are natural looking and on trend. To achieve such a color requires more steps and care, so my lightening services do run longer than typical highlighting services. The results are bright, blended, and seamless color that can last for 4-6 months with proper care before needing to be lightened again. All my lightening services also include OLAPLEX to help re-bond hair back together to retain integrity.

Please note that I do not do the hand painted balayage technique to create my blondes. Why? Simply because I get better looking results using my modern foiling and color melting technique. I get truer brighter blonde tones without the orange tones that can occur using the balayage technique. Will my lightening technique work on previously balayaged hair? Absolutely, it will elevate previously balayaged hair by breaking up the hair grow-out and depth with ultra fine highlights that are blended at the root and will lift previously lightened pieces to a brighter blonde. The results are modern, dimensional, and brighter.

To request your complimentary color consultation, please email Serious inquiries only.

No-showing to a consultation is not tolerated.

Disclaimer: Some color/chemical treated hair and hair types may not be as compatible to achieve the color results I do, such as hair with: permanent dyes, black or dark brown dyes, red dyes (copper, auburn, maroon), vivid/rainbow dyes, box colors, henna, relaxer, perms, hair extensions, extremely curly texture, very short hair, or over-processed hair.

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